ACCESS DATABASE TABLE REPAIR & MICROSOFT ACCESS CONVERSION TO WEB APPLICATION - Our knowledge & experience can help you fix and take your database to the next level.

If your company database is developed in Microsoft Access, at some point you will unfortunately experience the critical downtime that comes with an Unrecognized Database Format error. This means your database tables are corrupted and your system has become crippled. You may have already tried applying band aid fixes from Microsoft like compacting and repairing tables or splitting out the front end (forms, reports, queries, VBA code) from the back end (tables). These are temporary approaches and corruption will recur until a more permanent resolution is taken. We can help you locate and resolve Unrecognized Database Format errors and get your database working at peak performance.

Don't risk your business coming to an unexpected and painful halt because of errors with your Access tables or because your version of Access has reached its Access end-of-life cycle and is no longer supported.   

We have been helping companies fix their Access database table corruption for 25 years. If you are struggling with Unrecognized Database Format issues, contact us now and find out how easy it is to take your database to the next level.

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